STUST is located in a suburb of northeastern Tainan City. It is less than 4 kilometers from our school to the Tainan Railroad Station. The Main North-south Highway and Central Highway intersect near the school, and we are also very close to the major National Freeway. Our school is indeed located in an area with the beauty of the countryside and the convenience of metropolitan life. The maps and directions information is below:


2017 ISNST will be taken place in the E Library and Information Building (13th floor) at the Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology (STUST), Tainan, Taiwan. You can find the venue from the campus map on the left, click on the picture to zoom in.

● Deadline of Submission

September 15, 2017 

September 24, 2017

● Deadline of Registration

October 7, 2017

Prof. : Chih-Cheng Kao

Director of Photonic Semiconductor Center

Department of Electro-Optical Engineering

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