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Congress Announcement




Welcome you all to attend the 2018 ISNST!


Symposium session

Session A: Topic I. Advanced Manufacturing Science and Technology

Session B: Topic II. Intelligent System & Electronics

Session C: Topic III. Electrical & Photonics Technology

Session D: Topic IV. Biotechnology & Chemical and Materials Engineering


Symposium program

Please note that conference programs are put on the “Schedule” icon.  



Venues for session A: E1305; session B: E504 (5th Floor); session C: E509 (5th Floor); session D: E1301


Poster presentation

Poster presentation: Sessions A & D (10/4, 10:30-12:00); Sessions B & C (10/4, 13:00-14:30)

Sessions A & D’ s posters must be removed before 12:30; Sessions B &C ’s posters must be removed by 15:30.


Lunch room

All the honored guests please go to rooms E1302 & E1304 for lunch. The lunch room for other attendees are in E502 & E508 (5th


Account: guest_x3c; Password: guest_x3c


● Deadline of Submission

September 15, 2018

● Deadline of Registration

September 20, 2018

Prof. Chang-Ning Huang

Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering

Tel: +886-6-2533131#8298

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