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Instructions for Presenters


Instructions for Presenters in Oral Sessions

Under COVID-19 international travel restrictions, we have the plan that the presentation method from Oral to Remote Video presentation through the conference. If the presenter have travel restrictions by COVID-19, the presenter could provide a presentation video to ISNST. The Video of presentation rule will be the same with oral presenters.

A. Presentation time: The length of the presentation should be in accordance with the assigned time as follows:

Invited oral Presentation:20 - 30 min. including Q&A, Regular oral Presentation:10 - 15 min. including Q&A. For the detail presentation time, please check the program.

B. The oral presentation include the presentation, question and answer session, and the transition to the next presentation. Speakers are requested to be in their respective session rooms at least 10 minutes prior to the commencement of each session. All presenters are to adhere strictly to the above time limit. Each room will be equipped with a personal computer running Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, and Adobe Acrobat Reader. The presentations must be saved in either PPT or PDF format so that it can be opened and ready to use. The room will have a projection screen, and the computer will be connected to the LCD projector. Authors should ensure that their presentations are loaded into the computer in them assigned room 15minutes before the beginning of the session. If the authors wish to use their own personal computer for the presentation, please approach the session chair to test out the projection before the start of the session. If there are video clips embedded in your presentation slides, please test out your presentation before the session.


Instructions for Presenters in Poster Sessions

The venue for the interactive forum sessions will be inside the E13 lobby. Poster boards will be provided for you to mount your poster. Each board will be marked with a poster number, which is available in the final program and presentation schedule. The size of your poster is suggested to be A0 (118.9 cm by84.1cm) that is the allowed maximum size. Push pins or other attachment aids will be provided. It is advisable that your poster be readable from 1.5 m to 2 m away. Please set up the poster at least 30 minutes before the start of the session and standby your poster during the scheduled time slot. After the session, the poster must be removed by the presenter. The session chair(s) for poster sessions will have a form where they will indicate whether the paper was presented during the session. Please approach the session chair before the start of the session and make sure that he/she has marked your presence.

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